About Tyler

Tyler William Scott was born on August 14, 2000. "Ty" is the third son of four boys (Chase, Bryce, and Aidan) born to Howard and Dana Scott.

Tyler was distinctive from the very first moment you laid eyes on him. He was so beautiful that all the moms wanted him to be a girl. He had long eyelashes and the "charm" to have any parent, teacher, adult, older sister, older brother, etc. wrapped around his little finger within moments. He was, most important to him, a "workerman." Ty loved to work in the yard with his Dad, or better yet, work in his neighbors’ yard. It was not uncommon to see Tyler blowing leaves with his electrical blower on a Saturday or Sunday in the fall for hours at a time. This past Christmas Tyler did not ask for a single toy. He only wanted tools and a real workbench. Santa delivered him the goods and Ty was off and running trying to drill, hammer, or cut any piece of wood available. Tyler never tired of doing yard work or a home improvement project. He was at his happiest when he had his tool belt "double wrapped" on his hip full of his tools so he could get the job done.

Tyler was diagnosed with brainstem glioma on Jan. 30, 2006. Tyler had not shown any symptoms of this deadly disease until a week before the MRI. Ty and his parents went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to treat Ty. Unfortunately, his tumor was so advanced that he was unable to even start treatment in Memphis. Tyler and his parents returned to Charlotte so he could say goodbye to his favorite people: Chase, Bryce, and Aidan.

Tyler died on February 8, 2006 with his parents by his side. Even in his final hours and moments of life he was beautiful, courageous, and a workerman. His breathing tube was taken out at 8:15 PM and he breathed on his own for another 8-1/2 hours. Ty had worked a full day!

Why Treehouse?

Tyler, the workerman, was always trying to build something. When he was diagnosed and knew he was leaving to go to St. Jude, in an attempt to get better, he was asked what he wanted when he returned home. His answer, "a big treehouse!" His Aunt Heather and Uncle David (his favorite project manager) bought some treehouse books for him to look at while he was in Carolinas Medical Center. He picked the one he wanted and through the loving support of friends and community the treehouse was built.

Tyler loved a challenge and finding a cure for the disease that took his life is a top priority for Tyler’s Treehouse, Inc. The main objective for the foundation is to help researchers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital find a cure for brainstem glioma. This is a monumental task as doctors are just starting to get an understanding of this deadly disease.

Tyler, as has been mentioned, was a "workerman." There was no bigger smile on his face than when he had built something. Tyler’s Treehouse takes Ty’s spirit of building to the community in which he lived. Tyler's Treehouse provides a $1,500 scholarship to a graduating senior of the Olde Georgetown Swim Team.

Tyler's life was cut short, but his spirit will live on through your continuing charitable support.


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